• East Africa: New Report Identifies Actions Needed to Curtail Illegal Ivory and Rhino Horn Trafficking September 23, 2014
    [USAID]Washington, DC -Illegal rhino horn trade has reached the highest levels since the early 1990s, and illegal trade in ivory increased by nearly 300 percent from 1998 to 2011, according to a new report by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) partner TRAFFIC. "This report provides critical insights into often violent and complex trade networks […]
  • Kenya: Think Again - Portrait of a Kenyan Radical September 23, 2014
    [ISS]Given the extent to which it dominates global news and politics, it is remarkable how little we know about the men - and, very occasionally, women - behind Islamist extremism. How are people drawn into such radical politics? What type of person becomes a terrorist? What is it that forces radicals out of day-to-day politics […]
  • South Sudan: Thousands of Children At Risk of Starvation in South Sudan, Unicef Warns September 23, 2014
    [UN News]Thousands of children under the age of five are at risk of dying from malnutrition in South Sudan and 1.5 million people will be in crisis and emergency food insecurity levels from September through December, warned the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) today.
  • Rwanda: Being Deprived of Self Worth for So Long Taught Us the Full Meaning of Agaciro - President Kagame September 23, 2014
    [Rwanda Govt]Atlanta -Today in Atlanta, President Kagame addressed a gathering more than 2000 Rwandans and friends of Rwanda during the sixth edition of Rwanda Day. Themed Agaciro: Our Choice, the 6th edition of Rwanda Day focused on Rwanda's journey in the past twenty years with a focus on the choices Rwanda made to achieve progress.
  • Mauritius: Mauritius - Model of democracy? September 23, 2014
    [Gender Links]Port Louis, Mauritius -The poem Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge reads, "Water, water everywhere. Nor any drop to drink." These words ring all too true when one reflects on the current turmoil and persistent gender inequality we are witnessing in Mauritius. Women are represented almost everywhere in various public and […]
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airlines Orders Twenty Planes September 23, 2014
    [Ethiopia Government]Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise has agreed to buy 20 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, valued at $2.1 billion. It is the largest single Boeing order by number of aircraft from an African carrier. The order for the single-aisle Max 8, the first of four redesigned 737 models, comes with an option for an additional 15 planes. […]
  • Ethiopia: Inclusive Growth - Easier Said Than Done September 23, 2014
    [Addis Fortune]There are many pressing challenges in the global economy, but, to me, the central defining challenge is accommodating the growth of developing economies and completing the convergence process that began after World War II. This holds the promise not just of massive poverty reduction, but also of expanding the opportunity for healthy, productive and […]
  • Africa: Women's Freedom of Speech - Old Challenges, New Solutions September 23, 2014
    [RNW Africa]During a creative non-fiction writing workshop in Uganda, 22 female writers from across Africa exchanged trade secrets about creating spaces for getting their voices heard.
  • Kenya: URP Ruffians Should Be Prosecuted September 23, 2014
    [The Star]A senior member of the Nandi county government was seriously injured yesterday, in an unwelcome turn of events around the campaign by governors for a referendum.
  • Sudan: Qatar Donates U.S.$88.5 Million for Darfur September 23, 2014
    [UNDP]New York -The State of Qatar signed a USD 88.5 million grant agreement with the United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund, administered by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to finance recovery and reconstruction in Darfur, Sudan. It is the single largest donation of the State of Qatar to the United Nations.

The Importance Of Farming Infrastructure In South Africa

South Africa has a large area under farming. The region under farming demonstrates a biodiversity that include crop cultivation and livestock keeping. With seven climatic locations, South Africa can be a source of food to even feed other parts of the world. Today, apart from exporting agricultural products, South Africa is virtually self sufficient in major farm products.
It is only after considering this that one realizes the importance of farming infrastructure in South Africa. A good farming infrastructure in South Africa will have several benefits not only for South Africa government and their population, but also for other countries.
With good infrastructure farmers in South Africa will be able to gain access to important farm inputs from the market. Poor infrastructure means farmers may not have access to fertilizers and chemicals they need for their crops and livestock. However, when infrastructure is improved, farmers will get access to the market any time they need anything from there. This will result to improved and quality production. The importance of farming infrastructure in South Africa can be seen when farmers are transporting their farm produce to the market. Some farm produce requires fast transportation to the market. If delayed for some time they go bad. This loss affects not only on the farmers, but the government as well. This is because there are customers from other countries who rely on fruits and vegetables from South Africa. If such customers do not get supply, government and traders will lose their revenue as well.
Good infrastructure will also ensure good communication. Trade and large scale agricultural activities are connected. With good communication infrastructure, farmers will be able to communicate with traders who purchase their produce. They will also be able to inquire about the price of various produce in the market so that they can know how to sell theirs. There are also farmers who prefer ordering farm input from their farms. Without a good farming infrastructure, such farmers may not be able to get such produce. The importance of farming infrastructure in South Africa is also seen with the exchange programs between farmers. Farmers are able to tour different farms learning farming techniques used by other farmers. Farming extension officers are also review farms of different farmers thus disseminating important information to them. This ensures adoption of good farming techniques increasing production.
With good farming infrastructure, farmers can communicate or visit other farmers at a personal level. May be there are crops that they may not be having in their farms. Or maybe there are breeds of animals farmers can get from their fellow farmers. They may also learn new ways of achieving better productivity in their farms. Thus, with improved farming infrastructure, farmers will have the freedom and easy access to information.
The importance of farming infrastructure in South Africa is a major factor that should be considered when looking for ways of increasing agricultural productivity in this region. Without good infrastructure, production will be low and even what is produced may not get to the market and industries in good condition.

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  • Rhino poaching syndicate nabbed in Pretoria September 23, 2014
    Elite investigative unit The Hawks struck a blow against rhino poaching in South Africa this week, arresting 10 suspected members of a rhino poaching syndicate that has operated across the country.
  • SA pushes for UN transformation September 23, 2014
    South Africa is spearheading a motion to have two permanent African seats on the United Nations Security Council. The move comes as the organisation celebrates its 70th year, and Africa dominates discussions.
  • Millennium Development Goals in UN spotlight September 23, 2014
    With the 2015 deadline for the UN's Millennium Development Goals rapidly approaching, the debate at the UN General assembly in New York this week will look at the progress made in reducing global poverty and set new goals for prosperity in the years ahead.
  • South Africa supports Nigerian tragedy families September 22, 2014
    South Africa's Department of International Relations and Cooperation has had an overwhelming response from people whose loved ones are still missing after the building collapse at the Synagogue Church of All Nations in Nigeria.
  • Tell your story of growing up in South Africa September 19, 2014
    Understanding that telling stories brings people together to build understanding, the government has launched the Tell Your Story campaign to foster greater communication and empathy between South Africans.
  • Black filmmakers get boost for big productions September 19, 2014
    South Africa has launched a three-year incentive scheme to help black filmmakers develop their businesses to the point they can take on big productions - and create more jobs in the country's growing movie industry.
  • Zuma, Putin discuss ways of strengthening ties August 29, 2014
    South African President Jacob Zuma and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed various ways of strengthening ties between their two countries during a meeting at the Novo-Ogarevo presidential residence outside Moscow on Thursday.
  • Land tenure to take centre stage at summit August 29, 2014
    Land tenure reform in South Africa, including the issues of tenure insecurity in commercial farming areas and tenure challenges in communal areas, will take centre stage at a three-day national Land Tenure Summit in Johannesburg next week.
  • NDP to address obstacles to growth: Ramaphosa August 29, 2014
    The recently released framework for implementing the National Development Plan will help tackle domestic obstacles to growth in South Africa, drive growth in productive sectors of the economy, and cut down on red tape hampering investment, says Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa.
  • Banyana ready to tackle Tanzania August 29, 2014
    South Africa's women's football team, Banyana Banyana - fresh from a 4-0 away win against Zambia - will wind up Women's Month with an international friendly against Tanzania at Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane on Sunday evening.